The Importance of Onsite Team Management

From a very young age, we are taught to be part of a team. To work together, listen to one another and collaborate to reach a common goal. Teams must have defined structures, so each individual knows his or her tasks to accomplish the outlined objectives. Without proper leadership, the objectives and ultimate goals fall … Read more

Keeping the cleaner’s room tidy

Just like the eyes are a window to the soul, the cleaner’s room is a glimpse into an office cleaning company’s professional habits. If a cleaner’s room is messy, unorganised and ignoring legal guidelines, then how does this reflect on their office cleaning tendencies? In short, the cleaner’s room should be neat, well-maintained and up … Read more

Quality Training Creates a Happy Client

A company’s culture, ethics, and reputation are highly determined by their actions and employees. It’s easy to point the blame of high staff turnover and disgruntled clients to a struggling economy and irresponsible employees, but in reality the responsibility lies on the overall management system. Studies show that inadequate training results in high rates of … Read more

The Importance of Cleaning Inductions

Inductions are a critical part of working with new clients and maintaining a positive reliability status. By law, contractors and subcontractors must get inducted to ensure the safety of the staff, business, and public. So why do many Australian cleaning companies practice dodgy induction procedures? To us, it’s an essential task that we take very … Read more

Using Modern Software for Maximum Productivity

The relationship between employees and management can make or break productivity and motivation in an Australian cleaning company. When the owner engages with staff on a more personal, friendly level, it opens the door for effective communication and other positive behaviour, including being on time for jobs. One of the leading signs of lost motivation … Read more

Effective Leadership Produces Competent Cleaners

Have you ever felt like you were involuntarily put in the position of managing someone else’s employees? Believe it or not, this complaint has come up repeatedly from new clients switching to us from other cleaning services. On top of running their own businesses, they’ve also been forced into the awkward position of overseeing the … Read more

We’ve Got You (And Us) Covered

If there is anything the past year has shown Australian businesses, it’s that preparation is absolutely essential. Luckily, Collective Maintenance Services prepares well in advance because we want to be covered in case anything were to happen to our staff and clients. Not every commercial cleaning company can stake this claim, but we have one … Read more

Happy Staff, Happy Clients: How We Achieve It!

Happy Cleaning Teams

It’s happened again. Another round of strange new faces show up to clean your business, but you find the next day that the job wasn’t done correctly. Within a few weeks, there are more strange faces replacing the familiar ones, and the inconsistent cleaning job continues. It seems like an endless cycle of not knowing … Read more

Staff Retention Through Training

Staff Retention with CMS

Let’s face it. Every business experiences staff turnover, but when is too much simply too much? If it’s often happening with the commercial cleaning company you’re using, it’s time to consider where the problem lies. For many, it’s a simple case of a poorly trained cleaning team. If a cleaning crew isn’t trained correctly, it … Read more

Wearing Uniforms With Pride

Wearing Uniforms with pride

Imagine walking into a business expecting to see your commercial cleaning company, but instead, you’re confronted with the visual of people clad in unsystematic street clothes. Your first thought may be suspicion, but then you realise that it’s the cleaning service you hired. This lapse in thinking could’ve been prevented if the staff had been … Read more

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