Happy Staff, Happy Clients: How We Achieve It!

Happy Cleaning Teams

It’s happened again. Another round of strange new faces show up to clean your business, but you find the next day that the job wasn’t done correctly. Within a few weeks, there are more strange faces replacing the familiar ones, and the inconsistent cleaning job continues. It seems like an endless cycle of not knowing … Read more

Staff Retention Through Training

Staff Retention with CMS

Let’s face it. Every business experiences staff turnover, but when is too much simply too much? If it’s often happening with the commercial cleaning company you’re using, it’s time to consider where the problem lies. For many, it’s a simple case of a poorly trained cleaning team. If a cleaning crew isn’t trained correctly, it … Read more

Your Preferred COVID Cleaning Company

Covid-19 Cleaner of CMS

COVID-19 has caused critical demand for consistent and high-quality COVID cleaning. As the country reopens, children head back to school and businesses re-examine workspaces, Collective Maintenance Services wants to know how we can assist you through this COVID-19 situation as your first choice for a COVID cleaning company. We are a proactive company and are … Read more

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