How to keep your workplace safe in a digital world

How to keep your workplace safe in a digital world

We live in a digital world and it brings risks and hazards in the form of electrical currents. More businesses are hiring commercial electricians and technicians to help make their workplaces safe from these invisible liabilities.

If you are considering a commercial electrician in Sydney or surrounding areas, our team can assist with regular audits and maintenance to your retail store, office, school, or any other commercial or residential building.

Meanwhile, here are four top ways to keep your workplace safe in a digital world:

Regular electrical maintenance: Having regularly scheduled testing, date tagging, and maintenance of electrical equipment by a licensed professional helps your business keep track of performance and potential electrical risks. Collective Maintenance Services is available 24/7 and ensures that well-developed risk mitigation strategies are in place by implementing a planned maintenance program, which will reduce dangers in your workplace.

Safety first with safety switches: Residual Current Devices (RCD) are safety switches designed to turn off unintended electricity that could cause an electric shock or electrical fire. Safety switches minimise safety risks and protect your business from equipment malfunctions by monitoring electrical currents and detecting abnormalities.

Use extension cords and adaptors correctly: An extension cord piled with plugs and adaptors is known as stack plugging and is an electrical nightmare. Use only one extension cord or adaptor per socket to keep the powerpoint from overloading or catching fire. When using extension cords outside, keep them away from direct sunlight or sharp edges where the outside of the cord could become damaged, resulting in hazardous conditions.

Keep staff up to date about risks and best practices: Ignorance is not always bliss and can lead to electrical accidents. Provide staff with educational tools and visible safety procedures to help educate and reinforce knowledge and procedures, especially for younger employees. Always make sure to inform staff of any changes to expectations and safety procedures.

Living in a digital world doesn’t need to be dangerous, especially if you’ve hired a fully-qualified commercial electrician in Sydney. Collective Maintenance Services has a team of risk-management electricians and technicians that are driven by a commitment to provide the best quality, value, and service to our clients at an affordable rate.

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