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We have every solution for the commercial cleaning services you are seeking. Our Brisbane-based commercial cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to satisfy all commercial and office cleaning services.

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Our professional, experienced and reliable team of Brisbane commercial cleaners will take care of the following so you don’t have to.

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The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane

Inspire Productivity

We spend most of our time in our office, so it makes sense that the cleanliness of your space will have an impact on you. A clean and tidy workplace increases employees’ morale and transforms your office into a cleaner, safer, healthier, and happier working environment. It also makes you and your employees feel great when your workspace is sorted and straightened. Having your office cleaned will allow you to allocate time, space and energy to more important tasks, meaning you can be more productive

Make a Good Impression

Your workplace is a direct reflection of your business. A clean and tidy workplace lets your clients know that your business is professional. Remember, first impressions last. Do you think your clients and visitors would rather walk into a clean, tidy workplace, or a messy, unclean office cluttered with boxes, cords, paper and unused equipment? Obviously, the clean one.

Less Mess, Less Stress

Mess is a cause of stress. Having your office cleaned can make life at work less stressful than it needs to be. Not having to worry about misplacing documents or files will give you confidence and reduce your stress! Let us take care of your mess and destress your employees.

Create a Safer Work Environment

A clean workplace is a safe workplace. A frequently cleaned working environment is one with fewer accidents and illnesses. Bacteria thrive in office environments because of the amount of time people spend in them. However, maintaining a regular cleaning program will reduce sickness in the workplace and therefore reduce lost workdays.

As disease control and community safety continue to innovate and grow as industries, Collective Maintenance Services has developed specific services dedicated to controlling COVID-19 and making communities a safer place. Our COVID-19 Cleaning Services target high touchpoint areas to keep commercial and professional clients safe from the virus.

The cleaning and disinfecting process are specifically designed relative to the current Australian Government Department of Health and use approved chemicals and methods.

Touchpoint cleaning is a process specific to sanitising and cleaning targeting areas of a working environment that are frequently touched. These could include:

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our Commercial Cleaning Brisbane Team

The CMS Commercial Cleaning Brisbane Team know how important it is to have a trustworthy, professional, reliable, and safe team at your workplace.

This is why we have made it a priority to implement supervisory measures that assure quality services and customer satisfaction through routine inspections, supervision, security and a high attention to detail.

Collective Maintenance Services carry both Public Liability Insurance ($20m) and WorkCover insurance. We hold a CM3 Certificate and implement both Occupational Health & Safety requirements into the workplace.

With our many years of in-depth experience, we are positive that Collective Maintenance Services Brisbane are the commercial cleaning team you are searching for!

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