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If you are looking for a Commercial, Office or Retail Cleaning Company in Sydney, we have the skills and experience needed to provide all your Commercial and Office Cleaning Services. Our cleaners are industry-leading and well-respected across a range of industries. We understand the importance of a clean and tidy workspace and take great pride in the quality of work we deliver consistently to all our Commercial Cleaning clients in Sydney.

Trusted Expert Commercial Cleaners That You Can Count on to Keep Your Workplace Spotless!

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What is Included in Commercial Cleaning?

Our Commercial Cleaners are Professional, Experienced and Reliable. Their work far outperforms the competition which gives us the confidence to offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of CMSAUS’s Commercial Cleaning Services across Sydney.

Our Sydney Commercial Cleaners Take Care of the Following so You Don’t Have to:

What is a commercial Cleaner?

A Commercial Cleaner from Collective Maintenance Services is a reliable and trustworthy professional who takes pride in their work every day. Our Cleaners come into work every day excited to transform your workplace into an area you can be proud of. We leave your workplace in immaculate condition, and that is something we are proud of.

If you’re looking for a team of Commercial Cleaners that love what they do, contact CMS today.

Commercial Cleaners Sydney

We Clean & Maintain Workspaces in a Variety of Industries

Collective Maintenance Services boasts an impressive 40+ Years of Experience in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. With this experience, we can offer high-quality Cleaning Services at fair prices meaning you can rely on us to continually clean the workspace for your Sydney-based business.

Our Sydney Commercial Cleaners are trained to have well-diversified skills so that they can consistently deliver exceptional services in a range of different industries.

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Why Sydney Commercial Cleaning?

Inspire Productivity in the Workplace

Today, we spend most of our time, outside of our homes and in the workplace. So, it is obvious that the environment we work in will have a direct effect on not only our working life but our personal lives also. Studies have proven, having a clean and tidy workplace increases employee productivity and morale while transforming your work environment into a happier, healthier and safer workspace.

Additionally, you and your colleagues will feel great while working in a neat, organised office and find it easier to stay focused while at work. Having your workplace cleaned by Sydney’s best Commercial Cleaners is something you will not regret.

The time saved by using Sydney’s leading service allows you to focus on what you do best and allocate your valuable energy to more important tasks!

Leave Great Impressions

The cleanliness of your working environment directly reflects the way your business operates. A messy, dusty workplace speaks to the unprofessionalism of a company and represents a lack of care for the goods or services you offer customers.

A clean and organised office will help you build strong, long-lasting partnerships with valuable potential clients and maintain existing working relationships. In business, first impressions count – make yours count every time with Commercial Cleaning Sydney Services by CMSAUS.

Less Mess Equals Less Stress

Mess is stress! In the workplace, the cleanliness of your desk and working environment has a direct correlation to the stress you experience while at work. A neat and clean workspace allows your mind to declutter and focus on the task at hand. 

Also, the less mess around your working area, the more productive you will be as fewer distractions are present and within eyesight. Clean always wins!

A Safe & Healthy Work Environment

As they say, a clean working environment is a safe working environment! Now more than ever, it is important to be health-conscious and maintain a clean workplace. The more frequent a workspace is cleaned, the fewer accidents and illnesses will occur among your team members.

Decrease the chance of infection in your work environment by maintaining a clean space for your colleagues or employees to work.

Why Choose us?

The CMS Team has earned a well-established reputation for being the leader of Commercial Cleaning in Sydney for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our renowned ability to consistently deliver the best Cleaning service available.

Our team is equipped with unrivalled industry experience and knowledge when it comes to all of our Sydney Commercial Cleaning Services including Office Cleaning Sydney, Gym Cleaning Sydney & COVID-19 Cleaning Sydney. Our constant drive to satisfy our clients, improve the service we deliver and increase the quality of our work ensures you that your expectation of our Commercial Cleaning Service will always not only be met, but exceeded.

CMSAUS has acquired the capabilities to offer Commercial Cleaning Services in a range of different industries, these include Retirement Living, Strata Group Cleaning, Aged Care Facilities, Hospitality Business Cleaning, Real Estate, Construction, Retail Cleaning, Schools & Universities, Childcare & Kindergarten, Hospitals, and Government Facilities. Our team is contactable 24/7, so you can always count on CMS to help you in any cleaning emergency.

Commercial Services Team
Team at CMSAUS

As COVID-19 Cleaning standards and measures continue to evolve, Collective Maintenance Services remains at the forefront of changes to the required services business around Sydney. 

We are committed to offering specific Sydney COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning Services, created to focus on High Touchpoint Areas of Commercial & Professional Workplaces for all our Sydney-based Clients.

Our COVID-19 Disinfectant and Cleaning measures are developed to be aligned with and adapted to the most timely advice from the Department of Health in the Australian Government. Only approved methods and chemicals are used to ensure employee safety.

The COVID-19 Touchpoint Cleaning Processes is a specialised cleaning measure primarily for the workplace that was designed to target the sanitisation of key areas and items in your working environment that are frequently touched or used by more than one person – including clients and employees.

High Touchpoint Areas include Doorknobs, Light Switches, Railings, Elevators, Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Printers & Bathrooms.

Covid Cleaning Service Sydney
Window Cleaning

The Sydney Team of Commercial Cleaners

The Sydney-based Team of Commercial Cleaners assembled at CMSAUS understand how important it is to our clients to have a safe and reliable team that is also trustworthy and professional.

Collective Maintenance Services only employ the most efficient and high-quality Commercial Cleaners so that we can be trusted when delivering our services. 

CMSAUS carry a Public Liability Insurance ($20m) as well as WorkCover Insurance. Additionally, our company holds a CM3 Certificate and have implemented Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

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