Touchpoint cleaning for a healthy workplace post Covid-19

Touchpoint cleaning

As a leading commercial cleaning company with more than 40 years experience, its surprising to learn that many of our clients don’t know what ‘touchpoint cleaning’ is, nor do they have it in place for their workplace? So what is Touchpoint Cleaning? Touchpoint cleaning is the specialised process of sanitising key areas or items around … Read more

Keep Cleaning From COVID

Covid Cleaning CMSAUS

COVID-19 has taught us many things. From how to work from home, to visualising a one and a half metre distance in public. We’ve learned the importance of teachers, getting outside, and having human interactions, while also realising the brutal impacts of panic shopping and going against professional health advice. And even though lockdowns and … Read more

Protective Wear for a Safe Cleaning Company

Cleaning is our area of expertise, and if we aren’t doing it properly or safely then we have ceased to adhere to our mission and policies. Luckily, we are the ultimate safe cleaning company in Australia because we not only follow laws and regulations set by SafeWork Australia, but we also choose healthier and more … Read more

Your Preferred COVID Cleaning Company

Covid-19 Cleaner of CMS

COVID-19 has caused critical demand for consistent and high-quality COVID cleaning. As the country reopens, children head back to school and businesses re-examine workspaces, Collective Maintenance Services wants to know how we can assist you through this COVID-19 situation as your first choice for a COVID cleaning company. We are a proactive company and are … Read more

Cleaning to Protect Against Viruses

Fight Virus Spread with CMS

If you’re like most of the world’s population, COVID-19 has suddenly turned homes into main office spaces. Not only is work and home life within the same building, but we need to be painstakingly cautious with cleanliness and health. Collective Maintenance Services has over 40 reputable years of experience as a leading commercial cleaning company, … Read more

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