Protective Wear for a Safe Cleaning Company

Protective Wear for a Safe Cleaning Company

Cleaning is our area of expertise, and if we aren’t doing it properly or safely then we have ceased to adhere to our mission and policies. Luckily, we are the ultimate safe cleaning company in Australia because we not only follow laws and regulations set by SafeWork Australia, but we also choose healthier and more sustainable practices. We’ve always used protective gear to keep our employees and clients safe, but now more than ever it’s essential to use absolute best practices.

New and current clients have plenty of questions we are always happy to answer, especially when minimising COVID-19 contact. One of those questions is whether or not we use protective gear. Our cleaning team at Collective Maintenance Services are thoroughly trained on the job site to use the correct personal protective equipment. These include:

  • Gloves
  • Safety shoes
  • Face masks
  • Uniforms with long pants
  • Hats (if working outside)

Other frequently asked questions are:

Whats the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

In short, cleaning means to physically remove germs, dirt, grime, etc from surfaces using detergent and water. Using a disinfectant actually kills the germs. So, it’s important for us to do both on surfaces that are high traffic and are often touched (light switches, door handles, bench tops, floors, bathrooms, etc).

Should I clean everyday?

It’s best to clean at least once per day, but disinfect more often. If your business has different shifts throughout the day, then it should be cleaned between each shifts. Clean areas that are touched or have been exposed to coughing or sneezing. If rooms have not been used, then it’s not necessary.

What are the best cleaning and disinfecting products to use?

Always use a labelled detergent and warm water for cleaning. This breaks down grime, grease, etc. Follow up with a disinfectant that’s an alcohol concentration of at least 70%.

What cleaning methods should I not use?

Since the virus is carried in air droplets, you should avoid using anything that disperses it in the air. This includes using canned air cleaners, dusters and dry cloths. Disinfectant fogging isn’t recommended.

Collective Maintenance Services uses all measures to ensure we stop the spread of viruses and bacteria and to keep your business clean. Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer any other questions you have on how we are a safe cleaning company.

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