We’ve Got You (And Us) Covered

We’ve Got You (And Us) Covered

If there is anything the past year has shown Australian businesses, it’s that preparation is absolutely essential. Luckily, Collective Maintenance Services prepares well in advance because we want to be covered in case anything were to happen to our staff and clients. Not every commercial cleaning company can stake this claim, but we have one of the best insurances and workers comp policies offered for our line of work. This ensures that our staff and customers are covered too.

One of the most fundamental aspects of having insurance is public liability. As stated in our capability statement, we have $20 million in public liability and workers comp that cover all of our employees. This type of quality assurance lets our clients and staff know we are a reliable commercial cleaning company that goes the extra mile.

There are a number of benefits to having a significant amount of public liability. Many people don’t consider the dangers involved in a cleaning business. Cleaners often report slip and fall claims because of the slippery liquids involved, and some of the cleaning solvents could cause minor property damage or personal injury. And since we have exceptional coverage, accidents are immediately taken care of by the insurance company so we can continue to focus on our client and employee relationships.

Besides the essential personal injury and property damage coverage, other protections offered through public liability insurance are:

  • negligent advice (claiming something will work during a crisis, but it doesn’t)
  • emotional distress or nervous shock
  • consequential loss (negligence causing another business to lose revenue)

And because of our stellar workers comp insurance coverage, our employees can expect financial relief due to an accident or illness. They also receive first aid, worker’s compensation, and return-to-work rehabilitation. This tells our staff that we support them and encourage them to return to their team.

Are you ready to hire a commercial cleaning company that takes care of its clients and employees? If so, contact our friendly customer service team today.

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