Effective Leadership Produces Competent Cleaners

Effective Leadership Produces Competent Cleaners

Have you ever felt like you were involuntarily put in the position of managing someone else’s employees? Believe it or not, this complaint has come up repeatedly from new clients switching to us from other cleaning services. On top of running their own businesses, they’ve also been forced into the awkward position of overseeing the hired cleaners to make sure their contract agreements are fulfilled.

If the cleaning company isn’t managing the cleaners onsite, it then falls on the customer to do it for them. Any professional cleaning service knows this is unacceptable. The executive staff at Collective Maintenance Services pride ourselves on effectively leading our teams so that our clients only have one point of contact for questions, comments or complaints. This helps to streamline the process and keep things organised for everyone involved with the contract.

The training and professional independence of a cleaning staff always falls on the ability of a strong management system. We prefer to combine the terms manager and leader because you need both in order to have a reliable, independent professional cleaning service team. You can be a manager, which is simply a job title, or you can be a leader, which entails so much more:

Effective Leadership Qualities

  • Passion: We care deeply for and are enthusiastic about our cleaning services and company’s mission.
  • Accountability: As leaders, we are proactive about any mistakes made and work towards maintaining positive relationships with customers and staff.
  • Communication: To be effective, communication also involves listening and not just issuing orders. We also encourage our staff to share ideas, and for clients to ask questions.
  • Motivating: We train our staff so thoroughly that they are fully independent when they clean our customer’s premises. This, and continued training, gives them the motivation to succeed and take responsibility seriously.

Our clients don’t hire our professional cleaning service so they can do the job for us. They hire us because they know we will get the job done well and without anything extra from them. If you are ready for the leadership qualities Collective Maintenance Services offers, our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions and to set up a consultation that fits your schedule.

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