Using Modern Software for Maximum Productivity

Using Modern Software for Maximum Productivity

The relationship between employees and management can make or break productivity and motivation in an Australian cleaning company. When the owner engages with staff on a more personal, friendly level, it opens the door for effective communication and other positive behaviour, including being on time for jobs.

One of the leading signs of lost motivation is when cleaners are arriving late for their cleaning appointments. Collective Maintenance Services builds positive relationships with our employees because we know that an organised and friendly management team that are supportive of staff will not only create a happier workplace, but will also boost productivity for meeting our client’s expectations. Although it does take extra time and money to engage our employees more than a normal Australian cleaning company, we’ve found it’s entirely worth it and saves money in the long run.

We also help improve accountability by using a system called Deputy, a timesheet software that keeps staff coverage organised and transparent. Using this reliable and surprisingly easy software has been a game changer for us since we can now spend more time communication and engaging with our clients and employees, which helps us to build healthier, long-lasting relationships.

Deputy is a complete system that has a lot of perks, and some of our favourites are

  • records all of employee hours and shifts, including breaks
  • takes the place of payroll software by exporting timesheets to Excel (or other systems)
  • verifies employee locations and real-time staff coverage
  • improves accountability for lateness, as they can only sign on 10 metres or less from the client’s premises

As part of our desire to ensure our staff are taking well-earned breaks, the software also schedules these in and flags any unpaid or paid breaks that are missed.

Using state of the art software and making time to engage and communicate with our clients and employees are only two ways that we are an Australian cleaning company above all the rest. Because we are able to maintain our reputation and our staff members, this gives us more ability to provide expert and affordable services. If you’d like to find out more information, contact us via phone or email.

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