The Importance of Cleaning Inductions

The Importance of Cleaning Inductions

Inductions are a critical part of working with new clients and maintaining a positive reliability status. By law, contractors and subcontractors must get inducted to ensure the safety of the staff, business, and public. So why do many Australian cleaning companies practice dodgy induction procedures?

To us, it’s an essential task that we take very seriously. Before we start anyone on a job site, we require thorough inductions. We require and view proof of induction before our staff are able to start cleaning a premise. And because we have such high standards, we use our own site inductions that cover all of our clients’ requests.

According to the government’s training website, inductions for Australian cleaning companies include tours, presentations, demonstrations and compliance requirements.

Collective Maintenance Services adheres to the government’s induction requirements not only because it’s the law, but it’s also part of our best practices as one of the most reliable Australian cleaning companies. We realise that a proper induction affects the performance of our employees and operational skills. They include details such as:

Induction tour

  • Access and security requirements of work site
  • Areas to be cleaned
  • Cleaning techniques to be used
  • Introduction to personnel
  • Supplies to be used
  • Storage arrangements

Induction documentation

  • Colour-coded cleaning equipment
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Emergency contacts
  • Safety requirements
  • Map of the work site
  • Hazard and incident reporting requirements

Having a strict induction protocol gives more guarantee that the job will get done to the highest standards. Clients have left other Australian cleaning companies because their loose policies have caused a range of complaints and challenges, such as incomplete and rushed cleaning, lateness and leaving too early, and the use of harsh chemicals.

Along with schedules, methods and risk assessment procedures, Collective Maintenance Services covers it all. We beat all of the other Australian cleaning companies who claim to offer affordable pricing, trained staff and thorough inductions. If you want to find out more about our policies and affordability, contact us through phone or email today.

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