Say Watt? Commercial Electrical Services You Can’t Live Without

Commercial Electrician Services

Modern times require our lives to revolve around easy and immediate access to electricity. For a business to be without power or electrical access causes major disruptions and can be quite costly. We’ve also learned from a young age that electricity can be dangerous, especially if you smell burning, have flickering power or see sparks … Read more

Whether you’re reactive or proactive – we’ve got you covered

Reactive and Proactive Cleaning

No one can predict all of life’s surprises. You can, however, be prepared for it. Your goal is to choose a property maintenance company like Collective Maintenance Services, that can offer you both of types of services: from the surprising (reactive) to the expected (programmed). If you’re not so sure what reactive and programmed maintenance … Read more

Best ways to clean concrete floors

Concrete Cleaning Service

Concrete floors have become a champion substitute to traditional floors for commercial and residential properties. Nevertheless, just because they have a gold star for durability and ease of maintenance, concrete floors still require thorough cleaning and shining to keep them at their optimum levels. Hiring a professional business cleaning service is a smart idea, but … Read more

How to keep your workplace safe in a digital world

Safe Workplace

We live in a digital world and it brings risks and hazards in the form of electrical currents. More businesses are hiring commercial electricians and technicians to help make their workplaces safe from these invisible liabilities. If you are considering a commercial electrician in Sydney or surrounding areas, our team can assist with regular audits … Read more

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