CMS turns up the heat on maintenance in Spring

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With the weather warming up and more people coming out to play, it’s natural to want your business looking its best. This might involve upgrading door handles or lighting fixtures, having your floors re-sanded and polished or recarpeted, a fresh coat of paint walls or existing furniture, fixing a leaking tap in the kitchen or bathroom, knocking out a wall or two and re-organising your space… the list goes on.

Deep Cleaning; why every workplace needs to go there!

Deep Cleaning

Whether it’s an office space, an aged care facility, a childcare center, a retail outlet, or an industrial workshop, every business premise shares a common challenge – the inevitable accumulation of dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria. While regular cleaning services maintain a level of cleanliness, there comes a time when a deeper clean becomes essential … Read more

Choosing the best flooring for your business

When it comes to an office or workspace, the quality of flooring can make all the difference, so choosing the best flooring to suit your space and your budget, is important. There are several things to consider: Safety – providing a clean, non-slip floor surface will ensure employees, clients and customers are safe whilst visiting … Read more

Why cleaning is a valued part of self care

Self Care and Cleaning

  When we think about self care, the first things that come to mind for many of us are diet, exercise and sleep. These things of course make up a big part of self care, but there are lots of other factors that tend to get missed, or deemed not as important when it comes … Read more

Starting a-fresh in the new Financial year

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This is a great time for us to complete those things we’ve been avoiding, or make that purchase we’ve been putting off in order to set the foundation for what lay ahead. It is also the perfect time to attend to any maintenance issues you might be having in your workplace or to have a deep clean of your premises.

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