Colouring Safety: Using Colour Coding Systems to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Colour Coding Systems

Colour is an impressive communication tool and can influence how people respond to different situations. Any reliable and highly-skilled Australian cleaning company will tell you how important it is to use colour as an effective safety measure. One crucial way we use colours at Collective Maintenance Services is to colour code all of our cleaning … Read more

Maintaining Reliability Through Our Scope of Works

Reliable Cleaning Services

Have you ever experienced what feels like an endless cleaning service project? One that has continuous rounds of miscommunication, confusion, and lack of simple deadlines? Perhaps your Sydney cleaning service has failed to follow through with a concise idea of what to expect? The issue is easy: it’s caused by a lack of scope. When … Read more

How Collective Maintenance Services Tackles Three Challenges for Australian Business Owners

Business Owner Challenges

Researchers reveal that the first three years of a business are the most crucial to determine its survival. Although a healthy economy relies on Australian business owners, many times it feels as though the noose is tightening as the challenges become more and more prevalent. Three of those challenges faced by Australian businesses are rising … Read more

6 Commercial Property Maintenance Services Your Business Can’t Live Without

Gym Cleaning Team

What most property owners don’t anticipate is the amount of maintenance a building often requires, either immediately or over time. That’s why it’s vital, for the safety of your occupants and your wallet, that you hire a company that will assist with all types of maintenance. As experts in the field of commercial property maintenance … Read more

Whether you’re reactive or proactive – we’ve got you covered

Reactive and Proactive Cleaning

No one can predict all of life’s surprises. You can, however, be prepared for it. Your goal is to choose a property maintenance company like Collective Maintenance Services, that can offer you both of types of services: from the surprising (reactive) to the expected (programmed). If you’re not so sure what reactive and programmed maintenance … Read more

Do your facilities need a spruce up?

Customer Snapshot: Our client a high end clothing retailer wanted to get various maintenance issues resolved at their stores, however they did not have the time to go and audit each store. Project scope: Collective Services provided the client with an audit service, whereby we visited all stores and audit all of their furnishings and … Read more

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