6 Commercial Property Maintenance Services Your Business Can’t Live Without

6 Commercial Property Maintenance Services Your Business Can’t Live Without

What most property owners don’t anticipate is the amount of maintenance a building often requires, either immediately or over time. That’s why it’s vital, for the safety of your occupants and your wallet, that you hire a company that will assist with all types of maintenance. As experts in the field of commercial property maintenance services, Collective Maintenance Services knows first-hand the six different types of property maintenance that your business should consider.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance are problems that require an expert to identify, isolate and correct so that it can be restored to operational quality. For example, if you have a water leak, our plumbers run water pressure tests, isolate the adjustments necessary, then replace any parts to working order. Once the problem has been corrected, performing programmed maintenance services is essential to make sure the issue doesn’t happen again.

Programmed Maintenance

Also called Preventative Maintenance, this is your regular or scheduled maintenance inspection that finds potential issues that could lead to financial disasters. Considering how often buildings settle, paint peels, gutters clog, air-con filters need replacing, smoke alarms need upgrading, range hood filters clump with fats and oils, etc., Collective Maintenance Systems uses a specialised checklist to ensure that everything is in top shape.

Risk-Based Maintenance

Collective Maintenance Services also provides Risk-Based Maintenance, which goes alongside Programmed Maintenance. With RBM, we prioritise the essentials on your property that carry the highest risk levels. The risks would ultimately affect the safety and structural integrity of your property, including sump pumps to avoid flooding, fire alarm effectiveness, wall and ceiling structures, electrical defaults, and so much more. We work with you to create a detailed approach catered to your property and budget.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance is sometimes referred to as “break down maintenance.” Issues that fall into this category are unplanned and require quick-but-effective fixes. If an air conditioner, oven, dishwasher, or anything else that is offline, damaged or broken, you’ll most likely need a reliable maintenance service that is available 24/7.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance is a type of maintenance that is performed when faults have been discovered after a defect or issue is noticed. These can sometimes fall into the Programmed Maintenance scheme as the faults can be found during a routine inspection.

Predictive Maintenance

There are many times when Property or Operations Managers cannot identify issues because they’re not trained in building maintenance. A commercial property maintenance services team is essential in providing high levels of expertise to discover any faults that could be disruptive or disastrous to your property. Predictive Maintenance is a result of all of the maintenance systems mentioned in this article. All inspections and discoveries can be identified and predicted as an issue that will develop over time.

Whatever type of maintenance you require, Collective Maintenance Services are experienced, professional tradespeople, and our project management services are a one-stop shop for all tasks needed to make your property safe and sound. Call our team today to set up an appointment and to see how we can work with your budget.

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