Keeping the cleaner’s room tidy

Keeping the cleaner’s room tidy

Just like the eyes are a window to the soul, the cleaner’s room is a glimpse into an office cleaning company’s professional habits. If a cleaner’s room is messy, unorganised and ignoring legal guidelines, then how does this reflect on their office cleaning tendencies? In short, the cleaner’s room should be neat, well-maintained and up to all government standards. To us, this is a non-negotiable practice and our staff take pride in keeping it this way. Here are three ways Collective Maintenance Services keeps our cleaner’s rooms neat and orderly.

Essential Forms

Two of the most important forms we have immediately on-hand in our cleaner’s rooms are the Safety Data Sheets and the Colour Coding Sheet. The Safety Data Sheets are for every product used and stored in the cleaner’s room. These sheets not only inform the cleaners about the product and the chemicals, but also the toxicity levels and other important information.

Colour Coding is crucial to keeping our cleaning supplies organised and avoiding cross-contamination. Our Colour Coding Sheet ensures that everyone knows the colour coding schedule for chemicals, mops, buckets, towels and all other materials used by an office cleaning company.

Stay Organised

A disorganised office cleaning company is a potential recipe for disaster. On top of our colour coding system and safety data sheets, we use office storage solutions to keep our cleaner’s room organised. Everything must be easily identifiable with labels, containers, cabinets, hooks and much more. It’s a waste of precious time when cleaners have to dig through shelves to find products and materials. We keep all of our state of the art supplies separated and clearly defined so there is no confusion and we can manage our time efficiently.


A bund also called bunding, or a bund wall is a retaining wall constructed around an area that stores hazardous liquids and materials. Bunding is an essential part of a cleaner’s room because if there are any unfortunate spills, the area outside of the room remains safe and unpolluted. As described by the EPA, a bund is also used for fire protection, product recovery and process isolation. Because Collective Maintenance Services is an office cleaning company with high standards of excellence, our cleaner’s rooms are well-equipped with bunding to keep our staff and others safe.

Cleanliness doesn’t start when cleaning an office building. It begins with the cleaner’s room. Contact our friendly customer service team if you’re ready for an office cleaning company that places a high value on safety, organisation and attention to detail.

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