Great cleaning companies keep your bin room fresh and clean

Great cleaning companies keep your bin room fresh and clean

Rot, rodents and contamination. Individual or combined, they smell terrible, and if left unchecked can lead to terrible impressions and disgusted expressions. But wait. The smell shouldn’t exist because your commercial cleaning company already cleaned the office building. Then where is that smell coming from?

The culprit could be in your bin room or bin area. If this is the case, then your hired cleaning service hasn’t made the cleanliness of this room part of the cleaning process. Because we know there’s nothing like a trail of stench, Collective Maintenance Services not only looks after your office but also where we place your rubbish. Here’s why and how we make this one of our priorities.

The Stench and Contamination

Bins must be maintained to ensure a clean and safe environment. If your bins are overflowing and or stinky, it makes your office look dirty and poorly kept. As an honest and dependable commercial cleaning company, we make sure your bins are clean and fresh, so you’re not left with the foulness. Three types of rubbish bins we keep an eye on are:

  • Deskside wastebaskets
  • Centralised or office rubbish bins
  • Outdoor or commercial bins

Any of these types of bins can collect smells from food, chemicals and organic waste and can lead to contamination from rodents, flies and bacteria.

Keeping it Clean

As a professional commercial cleaning company who uses state of the art supplies, we do our part in keeping your rubbish bins from adding any unpleasantness in your office building. We clean and disinfect the waste bins and bin rooms and use bin liners when necessary. Some other ways that help a bin room to stay fresh are:

  • Keep a liner in the bin
  • Use bins that have lids
  • Use colour-coded bins to separate recycling from others
  • Don’t let the bins overflow
  • Wash the rubbish bins

Keeping a bin room smelling fresh and looking clean isn’t complicated. It’s a task that only a reliable and experienced commercial cleaning company will understand as essential. If you’re tired of your bin room smelling like a landfill, contact Collective Maintenance Services to get the job done correctly.

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