Why uniforms are still so important in the workplace

Why uniforms are still so important in the workplace

Uniforms have a questionable reputation, but they are still so important to have in the workplace. Luckily, science has shown there are psychological benefits for customers and staff when uniforms are worn in the workplace.

At Collective Maintenance Services, our commercial property maintenance service staff wear uniforms on the job for this reason. Here are three major psychological advantages of why you might want to consider it for your workplace.

Makes a Good Impression

Seeing an employee in a uniform gives the impression of a professional business image, work dedication, and appropriateness for the job at hand. It also hints that the staff is better trained, while also showing a solid teamwork ethic and confidence in their abilities. For the customer’s sake, when employees wear a uniform it creates a consistent appearance for recognition.

Brand Awareness

A company uniform, especially one that has a logo, company slogan, or company colours is a clever way to advertise and increase brand awareness. Our highly-skilled workforce takes pride in wearing the signature blue polo shirts with our silver Collective Maintenance Services company logo. They’re aesthetically-pleasing, but also functional and practical since our commercial property maintenance team are physical workers.

Promoting Company Loyalty

Nothing shows team spirit better than confidently showcasing your company’s uniform. That’s why it’s important to have uniforms that the staff are proud to wear. Plenty of studies have shown that when employees look professional, they feel professional and are more confident with the work they are doing. Plus, it promotes team building and unity within your group.

There are plenty of psychological advantages to wearing uniforms in the workplace. Our commercial property maintenance services are proof of those benefits.

We not only tailor our uniforms to complement our professionalism and practicality, but we also tailor affordable, quality-assured service packages for you. Contact us for a consultation for any of your cleaning, painting, electrical, gardening, plumbing, or maintenance needs.

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