Deep Cleaning; why every workplace needs to go there!

Deep Cleaning; why every workplace needs to go there!

Be it an office, aged care facility, childcare centre, retail outlet, workshop or factory, there’s one thing business owners have in common – the unavoidable build-up of dirt, dust and bacteria.

Having a cleaner come in on a regular basis to keep a premises clean and tidy is one thing, but eventually every workplace, no matter the size or purpose, will need a deeper clean to ensure workplace safety and productivity.

At Collective Maintenance Services, we recommend workplaces order a deep clean at least twice a year to avoid build ups that cleaners struggle to remove, inevitably costing more to the business owner.

What are some of the services provided in a Deep Clean?
High Dusting

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots, including ceiling stains or mould, bacteria and general dust and grime build ups. It is generally called high dusting when it equates to areas that are above 16 feet and require the use of equipment such as ladders, lifts, ropes and safety harnesses.

Air vents, ceilings and piping when above this height all fall under high dusting, with maintenance of these areas being essential for clean and fresh air ventilation throughout a building. Security camera lenses are another dust accumulator and will also need a regular wipe over.

Ask about our High Dusting service here.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is a must for any and every workplace and although many business owners will have thought ahead about the type of carpet flooring they have installed, even the most easy to maintain carpets will still have a level of dust and bacteria embed itself into the fibres.

Collective Maintenance Services recommends a deep carpet clean every 4-6 months and particularly in areas where there is unavoidable scuffs and stains from high foot traffic.

Collective Maintenance Services has competitive carpet cleaning rates. Contact us here to find out more.

Steam Cleaning

Did you know that having your workplace steam cleaned kills up to 99.99% of bacteria? But wait, there’s more. Steam cleaning is renowned for removing difficult stains and odours, it prevents mould growth and regrowth, eliminates dust mites and kills any remnants of yeast or fungi that may be hiding out in ‘difficult to get to’ spots.

Many businesses following the heavy rain periods of 2021/22 are experiencing mould (and fungus) build ups in areas not noticed before. Steam cleaning is excellent for removing this build up, however we also recommend you have these areas monitored and cleaned regularly to avoid mould entering the air space of employees.

Steam cleaning leaves a space feeling fresh, vibrant and new. If you have an area that you feel requires a steam clean stain, contact us on 📞 1300 859 859 for a free quote.

Pressure Cleaning

The exterior maintenance of a commercial building or property is just as important as its interior. At Collective Maintenance Services, we like to support our clients to keep their entire premise clean and free of mould or grime build up. This includes pressure cleaning outside surfaces and entry areas where appropriate. We even tidy up gardens!

If you’d like to find out more about having your building pressure cleaned by a CMS team member, contact us here.

At Collective Maintenance Services we know that a clean and tidy workplace, inside and out, contributes to a more uplifting place to work!

Book in for your Full Spring Clean here!

About Collective Maintenance Services

Collective Maintenance Services, fondly known as CMS, has been servicing businesses in the Sydney CBD and surrounds for over 40 years having recently won Best Commercial Clean & Property Maintenance Service Company – NSW in the Facilities Management Awards 2022 hosted by  BUILD.

CMS also runs offices out of Brisbane, QLD, and has been steadily growing its service offering over the past 2 years to now include all forms of property maintenance, building and repair. For a full list of our services read here. 

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