Why good maintenance is important for business and employee morale

Why good maintenance is important for business and employee morale

There are many reasons why staying on top of your maintenance management is beneficial for your business. Firstly, it provides for a pleasurable space to work in which is what any successful business owner or manager wants for their employees right? But this is just the tip of iceberg.

Making sure the interior and exterior of your building or office space along with the equipment within it receive proper care and have the correct inspections when needed will also ensure the safety of your staff and clientele as well as the quality and longevity of your business assets.


So how does a business stay on top of their maintenance needs?


Good maintenance management involves staying ahead of the game when it comes to regular servicing and upkeep. Being proactive helps to ensure all your business assets including office furniture, building, computer hardware and equipment, external lawns and gardens, all receive the ongoing care and repairs needed for quality and longevity purposes.


Keeping a regular service book that includes all these areas of your business, with thorough records of previous servicing and parts replacement is helpful when it comes to communicating with tradespeople who attend to any minor or major repairs or equipment servicing.


Another upside to being proactive with regular servicing and repairs is increased workplace productivity. Broken and/or faulty equipment is a hindrance when it comes to getting things done and can have a negative impact on employee mood and output.


At Collective Maintenance Services good maintenance management also involves keeping an office or workspace clean and tidy. When a workplace is properly cared for with a good cleaning regime, it is easy to pick up when furniture or equipment might be coming to its used by date or is needing a repair (small or large) to keep the workplace running efficiently. An example of this might be deteriorating floors or wall paint, faulty or dripping taps in kitchens or mould in bathrooms.

Our team are trained to be observant of the spaces they work in and will report back to us if they pick up on any areas where a repair or upgrade might be needed, particularly if it is hazardous to staff and management.


Going the extra mile


What we observe in the businesses we service is that those that go that extra mile and really take the time to ensure not only that everything is working, but working well, is clean and tidy, and staff are cared for, there is a general vibe in the business that is unmistakeably uplifting.


You’ll be surprised at the effect a new coat of paint or rejuvenated floor can have on the overall feel of a workplace and employee morale and this is noteworthy.


Employees know when their employer cares about them and the space they work in which is a great incentive for business owners and managers wanting to increase staff productivity and retention.


How can Collective Maintenance Services help your business?


At CMS we offer Care Packages for businesses that are tailored to your maintenance and cleaning needs. We can take care of all your maintenance requirements however large or small, and our team can ensure your premises are kept tidy and organised on a week to week or monthly basis – whatever works for your business and your budget.


To find out more about our care packages reach out to our team on 1300 859 859.



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