Be Proactive with Your Carpets

Be Proactive with Your Carpets

Have you ever wondered what actually lurks in between the fibres of your carpet and upholstery? Take our word for it, if you’re not steam cleaning your carpets at least once a year, you don’t want to know. With moderate to high foot traffic throughout your building, you’ll want an Australian cleaning company who knows all the gritty details of dirty carpets. And who finds immense satisfaction in the results of a deep clean.

Collective Maintenance Services provides professional and specialised steam cleaning for your carpets and upholstery that leaves the air feeling fresh and your floors looking spectacular. Our methods are safe for customers, staff and children, and penetrate deep down, removing built-up soil and grime. We are not an Australian cleaning company that uses outdated, sub-par materials. Our team gets comprehensive and thorough training and is confident using state of the art equipment.

Sometimes emergencies happen, like burst pipes and flood damage. Because we value our customers, we offer 24/7 emergency call-outs for your convenience and peace of mind. Our equipment extracts additional water to remove moisture that would eventually cause moulding, rotting and other property damage.

Since fabric covers anything from furniture, flooring and wall space, it’s an investment that needs a proactive approach to keep your building maintained and sanitary. Some businesses choose a yearly steam clean for their carpets and upholstery, but we’ve found that having a programmed (scheduled) cleaning twice a year not only shows that you take pride in your building but saves you money in the long run, always leaving your carpets feeling and looking like new.

The Collective Maintenance Services staff is trained to clean virtually any kind of fabric, and the drying process helps to preserve the fibres, leaving the colours vibrant, fresh and smelling clean. It’s a bi-annual commitment you won’t regret. If you’re ready for an Australian cleaning company that knows carpets and upholstery, contact our friendly customer service today.

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