An Office Cleaning Company You Can Trust

An Office Cleaning Company You Can Trust


Every office cleaning company has experienced the unfortunate event of a customer complaint. It happens when customers are unhappy with a service, and reach out to the business to express their feelings. And rightly so.

The purpose of a business is to help enrich the customers life in some way. The last thing they want is for the customer to be unhappy. One of the worst mistakes a business can make, however, is to handle a complaint reactively or not at all. Resolving complaints in a positive and organised way shows clients that they are not only highly valued, but it helps to build a healthier and more professional customer-company relationship.

Most businesses claim to handle disputes in a constructive manner, but many of our clients have switched to our office cleaning company because their complaints fell on deaf ears. Collective Maintenance Services prioritises our customer relationships, so we have offered clear and concise communication, 24/7 responsiveness and quality assurance for over forty years.

We follow better business guidelines so we can avoid having issues in the first place. We do this by:

  1. Explaining and interpreting necessary contracts and legal obligations
  2. Having excellent communication, including being honest and transparent
  3. Being thoroughly organised and using state of the art equipment
  4. Having highly trained and motivated staff

Collective Maintenance Services adheres to an effective complaints handling policy that has allowed us to continue maintaining and improving our business processes and relationships. As the most reliable office cleaning company in Australia, we are notorious for going the extra mile and ensuring that if there are any issues – large or small – we offer end-to-end management and the customer is always happy with the outcome.

As part of our customer relationship policy, we listen, we get all of the facts, we give options for resolution and we act quickly and efficiently. We keep our promises, and we always follow up to make sure our customers are happy with the resolution. If you’re ready for an office cleaning company that views proactive resolution as a priority, contact our friendly staff at Collective Maintenance Services today.

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