We *Heart* Deep-Cleaned Bathrooms

We *Heart* Deep-Cleaned Bathrooms

Did you know that restrooms are one of the dirtiest locations in a building and account for the most complaints by customers and staff? An unclean, smelly bathroom can leave a lasting, negative impression on the entire business. It could potentially lead to health and safety dilemmas.

More than ever, people are paying closer attention to the cleanliness and sanitisation of businesses, so considering a company that focuses heavily on deep cleaning commercial bathrooms is on the essentials list.

Bathrooms should be clean and sanitary at all times and should have proper, functioning equipment to that prove to customers that you care. As a leading professional Australian cleaning company, we suggest getting your bathrooms deep cleaned once a year to keep the smells and deteriorating equipment away.

Our Method

We use state of the art equipment and full-sanitisation methods for deep cleaning commercial bathrooms. Our professional staff is trained and confident in our step-by-step process, checklisted to follow WHS best practice.

Our steps to include:

  1. Using PPE and COVID safety guidelines
  2. Knock and Block (knock to make sure no one is using the restrooms, then block the entrance while we clean)
  3. Pre-cleaning then cleaning toilets, urinals and other essentials
  4. Disinfecting high-touch areas (toilets, sinks, dispensers, door handles, etc.)
  5. Washing walls, stalls and anywhere there is visible soil
  6. Polishing and wiping
  7. Cleaning out drains
  8. Mopping and disinfecting

Collective Maintenance Services never leaves a job site without a thorough inspection and restocking supplies. We know that deep cleaning goes beyond a simple wipe down. It also requires cleaning tough areas, like tiles, grout, vents, fans, sprinklers, lighting fixtures and cabinets.

You might be tempted to hire a cheaper cleaning service to cut corners, but deep cleaning commercial bathrooms must be done by professionals. We provide you with a team of reliable and highly trained cleaners and offer affordable rates, 24/7 emergency call-outs and a detailed plan that works with your schedule. Contact our friendly customer service representatives to discuss how we can make your bathrooms sparkling clean and sanitised.

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