Staff Retention Through Training

Staff Retention Through Training

Let’s face it. Every business experiences staff turnover, but when is too much simply too much? If it’s often happening with the commercial cleaning company you’re using, it’s time to consider where the problem lies. For many, it’s a simple case of a poorly trained cleaning team. If a cleaning crew isn’t trained correctly, it leads to confusion, frustration, and lack of motivation for everyone, including the staff member.

Two of the biggest problems is that new staff aren’t being trained, but they’re sent to the job site anyway, and the current staff aren’t trained on new techniques. Data shows that when a company puts a substantial amount of money into training each employee, there is a much higher percentage of profit margins and staff retention. That’s why we at Collective Maintenance Services have a specific training regime for our new and current staff.

Our Winning Training Strategies

Besides hiring the right staff and having them absorb the procedures and training manual, we include a buddy system and thorough onsite training that must be completed before they can work independently.

In the buddy system, we partner the new staff member with a highly-trained and qualified supervising staff member to provide extra support. We introduce the new employee to the client to build recognition, and we take them through each step of the cleaning process to solidify client expectations.

As a professional commercial cleaning company, we have found these methods work very well, and the staff are happy with the outcome. We accommodate each staff member’s learning styles, such as verbal, visual, and hands-on training. First, we tell the staff member the training program by explaining how each part of the job should be done, while also giving explanations as to why each part of the job is essential.

Next, we show the staff member how to do each job by having them watch the other staff members at work and also industry-standard training videos that demonstrate each task. To follow it up, we explain what could happen if particular sequences aren’t followed. When we feel confident that the staff member is ready, we have the employee practice the task under observation. We always give positive reinforcement as this is proven to boost motivation.

We know that training never ends. There are always new techniques to learn, and most employees are eager to embellish their skills. A reputable commercial cleaning company will provide consistent and ongoing training for their current staff to keep up their motivation and potentially move into a leadership position. If you are ready for a commercial cleaning company that has a highly-trained and happy staff, contact our friendly customer service today.

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