How to get maximum return from your commercial cleaning services company

How to get maximum return from your commercial cleaning services company

The cleanliness of your office space matters in the eyes of your customers and staff. It can make or break a sale, leave lasting impressions, and set the tone for your work space.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service can help with this, and can be viewed as an investment. This means you’ll want to make sure that you are getting every bang for your buck. Here are four top tips on getting the most out of the company you hire to assist with cleaning your business.

Clear Communication

Clear communication doesn’t end with your customers. It also includes your chosen commercial cleaning service. When you are straightforward about your exact requirements, you are also ensuring productivity. Collective Maintenance Services testimonials show how well we communicate with our clients, resulting in long-lasting, healthy relationships – and very clean offices!

Keep it Tidy

Basic organising and tidying up before the commercial cleaners arrive will help them focus on the specific jobs you’ve outlined for them. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to do a proper cleaning ahead of time, but a little decluttering never hurt anyone!

Schedule Outside Office Hours

Be sure to schedule your office cleaning for before or after working hours. This is beneficial for not only your cleaning company but for your customers and staff as well. Your cleaning service will be able to work more efficiently and your staff can be more productive without the distraction. Collective Maintenance Services can work on a 24/7 basis for your convenience, and also does emergency call-outs.

Know Your Budget

Have a specific budget in mind when you hire a commercial cleaning service. That way it’s easier for you to know what services you can order and the cleaning service knows your limits. Collective Maintenance Services can work with you on any budget. We pride ourselves on being affordable and reliable, while also using state of the art equipment.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service, whether as a replacement or for the first time, doesn’t have to be difficult. With more than four decades of experience in commercial cleaning, Collective Maintenance Services offers clear communication, affordability, professionalism, quality assurance, and flexible hours so you can focus on your business.

Speak with the team at Collective Maintenance Services today by calling us on 02 8883 5348 or send us a message anytime.

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