Best ways to clean concrete floors

Best ways to clean concrete floors

Concrete floors have become a champion substitute to traditional floors for commercial and residential properties. Nevertheless, just because they have a gold star for durability and ease of maintenance, concrete floors still require thorough cleaning and shining to keep them at their optimum levels. Hiring a professional business cleaning service is a smart idea, but if you’re wanting to maintain the floor yourself, follow these three tips to do it right.

Use the correct cleaner

Use the correct cleaner so you don’t leave damaging results.

  • pH: The cleaning agent you use should have a neutral pH (not acidic or alkaline). Harsh chemicals strip the polish from the surface and you’ll eventually have to have it resealed.
  • Bleach: You can occasionally use bleach as a disinfectant, especially if there is mildew or moss present. Be sure to dilute with water, but never, ever mix bleach with ammonia.
  • Vinegar: To disinfect and shine your cement floor, mix one cup of white vinegar, a gallon of lukewarm water, and about a 1/4 cup liquid dishwashing detergent. If this solution doesn’t do the trick, we use state of the art equipment and detergents to remove tough stains and hard residue.

Have an entry mat

Mats aren’t just for decoration, but to remove dirt and grit from your shoes which could rub and sand floors. Walking with sand or hard grit on your shoes is akin to rubbing sandpaper across the floors. Mats are also very helpful in removing moisture from the bottoms of shoes, which can be very damaging and encourage mildew growth.

Practice daily cleaning rituals

Having a daily cleaning ritual will keep dirt from embedding itself into the concrete causing it to lose its shine. Sweep up all areas, including corners and baseboards. Make sure the mop is clean or it defeats the purpose of washing and shining your floor. Consider using a separate mop for different areas of your business, such as the kitchen, lobby, and restrooms.

Your aim is to have a clean, shiny concrete floor with little to no damage done. If you decide to hire a first-class, professional business cleaning service to do the work for you, Collective Maintenance Services provides work on a 24/7 basis with quality assurance management systems. Call our friendly and professionally-trained team today for a free consultation.

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