How to keep your workplace safe in a digital world

Safe Workplace

We live in a digital world and it brings risks and hazards in the form of electrical currents. More businesses are hiring commercial electricians and technicians to help make their workplaces safe from these invisible liabilities. If you are considering a commercial electrician in Sydney or surrounding areas, our team can assist with regular audits … Read more

Why uniforms are still so important in the workplace

Importance of Uniforms

Uniforms have a questionable reputation, but they are still so important to have in the workplace. Luckily, science has shown there are psychological benefits for customers and staff when uniforms are worn in the workplace. At Collective Maintenance Services, our commercial property maintenance service staff wear uniforms on the job for this reason. Here are … Read more

Getting the best from your lighting

Customer snapshot: Looking to upgrade your lighting with a smarter and more efficient system and save costs? We recently installed a new lighting system in a client’s warehouse facility, helping to modernise their space and stretch their budget a bit further with a smart solution. Project scope: The customer required lighting sensors installed in one … Read more

Do your facilities need a spruce up?

Customer Snapshot: Our client a high end clothing retailer wanted to get various maintenance issues resolved at their stores, however they did not have the time to go and audit each store. Project scope: Collective Services provided the client with an audit service, whereby we visited all stores and audit all of their furnishings and … Read more

Breaking News: We’ve changed our name!

The CMS Logo

Here’s some exciting news. We have recently rebranded our company to Collective Maintenance Services. It’s just one extra word, but we feel that adding ‘Maintenance’ to our name, really helps people understand what we do more clearly. Keeping your business facility in top shape is at the heart of what we offer our clients. We … Read more

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