Tax Structure Advice

When starting a business or expanding your business overseas it is important to choose the right international trade structure to trade under, as the structure you choose will have an enormous impact on your tax liabilities. It is also important when setting up your company’s structure that your choose the right jurisdiction in which to operate your business since each jurisdiction has different advantages in terms of cost of capital, market size, tax liabilities and more. 

You may also consider asset protection strategies when selecting an overseas jursidcition. When trading in other jurisdictions it is essential to consider asset protection strategies in order to safe guard your assets from potential liabilities. CMS Australia can advise on the best way to achieve this.


For Australian tax residents, when doing business overseas you should also be aware of how to bring profits and dividends back to Australia in a tax effective manner. In many cases it is possible to set up a company in an overseas jurisdiction and enjoy benefits of repatirations overseas profits to Australia on a completely tax deferred basis.

CMS Australia specialises in creating suitable international structures to take advantage of lower tax while complying with complicated Australian Tax Laws.



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