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Our chartered accountants are specialists in international tax structure advice for Australians looking to expand their business overseas.

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International Tax & Australian Tax

As experienced accredited Chartered Accountants, our overseas company incorporation services include:
  • Legal tax advice tailored to Australians
  • Advice to limit company & personal tax
  • Company tax structure advice
  • Tax effective company structures
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Hong Kong Company Formation

A Hong Kong company provides a respectable tax-efficient jurisdiction for trading & investment,
benefits include:
  • TAX FREE or 16.5% profits tax
  • ZERO TAX on dividend income
  • ZERO TAX on Capital gains
  • NO local director / shareholder requirements

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Offshore Company Incorporation

CMS Australia has 20 + years’ overseas incorporation experience providing:
  • Quality overseas company incorporation
  • Private and confidential services
  • Legal tax structure advice tailored to you
  • Incorporation in HK, Seychelles & more
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How to setup an offshore company


Where do I start to setup an offshore company?

To setup an offshore company start with a Business Plan and a budget, as maintaining an offshore company requires an annual registration fee to be paid. In your Business Plan you need to have a vision for your offshore company, do you want to setup a small trading company or an international empire? Do you want to sell your product on the internet? You must decide on your target market and the types of currencies you want to accept. Deciding on the type of currencies you want to accept is important as currency fluctuations can affect your profits. You may wish to setup a Virtual Office to test the market with your product to lower risk.
Moving your company offshore will provide flexibility and open up new possibilities for you and your business.

How do I find the right offshore jurisdiction?

The right offshore jurisdiction for your corporation depends on what the corporation is going to be used for and your own personal circumstances. If you do not have a personal preference or a recommendation from a friend, please ask our experienced advisors for suitable offshore jurisdictions for your business. Our advisers will be able to help you make the right decision to match your budget and personal requirements. Alternatively, please use our Jurisdictions tool to learn more about the benefits of different offshore jurisdictions.

Important factors to consider when choosing an offshore jurisdiction for your company include:
• Costs of incorporation
• Annual maintenance costs
• Tax laws and legal system
• Confidentiality
• Exchange controls
• Available banking facilities
• Political and economic stability


Can I move my existing business offshore?

Some companies move parts of their business offshore almost immediately as separate subsidiaries and profit centres. However, you will need to look at your business with a view to re-structure your activities and look for new business opportunities on a cross-border basis into other countries. The possibilities are quire extensive, and we are able to assist you when it comes to applying offshore advantages to your existing company operations.


Is setting up an offshore company illegal?

No. Setting up an offshore company is legal. In some countries withholding information about your offshore investments is illegal but setting up an offshore company is legal. An offshore jurisdiction is just another foreign country, but with certain advantages. These advantages can take the form of banking secrecy laws, advantages in forming companies for international trade through tax treaties, no interest tax, no inheritance taxes, no capital gains tax, no individual tax, and many others.
Depending on your personal needs or preferences, there will normally be one or more offshore jurisdictions offering the services you are looking. CMS Australia is aware of the benefits of a large variety of different jurisdictions.

Things to remember when setting up a company offshore

When purchasing a company offshore it is important to remember these 4 golden rules:
(1) Choose a respectable corporate services provides, such as CMS Australia, which has a physical office you can visit to discuss your requirements in confidence.
(2) Choose a recognised bank in a stable country and ensure that they offer internet banking services (not all banks do)
(3) Beware of general costs such as “Disbursements” and “Other Expenses”
(4) Deal with a company whose office is located away from your country of residence-as your personal records will be kept there.

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WHY CMS Australia?

CMS Australia is leading the way for Australian companies and business people looking to protect themselves and become more tax effective by creating companies overseas.

 We have: 

  • Over 20 years experience providing expert offshore company formation & tax advice for Australian companies;
  • Are Accredited Chartered Accountants with expertise in international tax and indepth knowledge of the Australian tax system;
  • Are Australian - We are based in Australia with an office located in Sydney CBD;
  • A global presence - CMS Australia is part of the CMS Hong Kong group with over 15 offices around the world;
  • A professional & experienced team - allowing us to provide you with unrivalled service and personalised tax advice

CMS Australia is therefore the best choice for international tax advice and overseas incorporation.


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