Selecting an offshore jurisdiction in which to conduct trade and investment is an important decision to make and should be made carefuly. It is important to be able to bring profits and dividends back to Australia tax effectively.

Hong Kong is an tax effective offshore jurisdiction to carry out business expansion overseas. Hong Kong is recognised as a good offshore jurisdiction for expansion into both Asia and Europe.

The international tax laws facing Australian tax residents are extremely complicated. Professional assistance should always be sought to ensure that you understand your personal tax situation if you do business in a jurisdiction outside of Australia. If structures are not set up properly this can lead to adverse tax consequences for you and your business.

In many cases it is possible to set up a company in an overseas/offshore jurisdiction and enjoy the benefits of repatriating overseas profits to Australia as foreign non-assessable non-exempt income. This is considered to be a deferral of tax at this point of time.

CMS Australia provides advise to clients on how to bring profits back to Australia completely on a tax deferred basis.

We specialise in international tax advice and will select an offshore jurisdiction which will provide you with the most beneficial personal and/or corporate tax situation.

Our Chartered Accountant has 25 years’ experience in advising Australian residents on tax matters. Your specific requirements can be discussed directly with our Chartered Accountant.

CMS Australia can provide you with specific advice to suit your requirements.


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